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Case Study: Good Earth Crates International

From the initial call, we knew we had to help Shannon Leboeuf from Good Earth Crates International with their situation. GEC had been using Vista Print since their conception for website hosting and domain services. During their few years with Vista Print, they had several outages that took down their website and e-mails. It seemed as though the recent outage was the last straw for Shannon.
No business should have to deal with multiple outages within a single year, much less within a few months. Even average hosting companies are capable of providing three nine’s uptime. (99.9%) Their website was self designed, this is a common situation we find, and most companies will outgrow their starter website. The goal was a re-design that would yield higher website conversions. Another common situation with many companies that start their own website on either Wix, SquareSpace, or a company like Vista Print was their content was thin.
This meant that we would need to supplment the lack of content with design techniques that highlighted their service offerings. Of course, there is always a catch, we had to have the design completed on a compressed schedule because the Vista Print contract was up for renewal. Avoiding the non-refundable one year renewal with their existing hosting was a crucial deliverable that had to be met.
Finally, GEC was simultaneously going through a re-branding. We coordinated with their graphic designer as they completed the new logo in order to integrate it with the new website. We could launch both the branding and the website on social media and create an entirely new look, feel, and experience for recurring/new GEC clients. After capturing a few KPI’s (key performance indicators), we closed out the call by both parties agreeing to a more frequent line of communication to ensure we meet all milestones required to launch before the renewal date.


Our website needed a redesign on a compressed timeline. Requisite Designs was able to produce a fantastic new look for our website in a very short time frame! We have already had compliments on our new design and it has only been up for two days! We really enjoyed working with the team and their communication made the process so easy. Thank you so much and I highly recommend anyone looking for website work to check out Requisite Designs, LLC

Shannon LeBoeuf

Owner, Good Earth Crates International


Good Earth Crates International



Website Redesign
Maintenance & Security
Website Migration
Domain Transfer
Domain Addition
Hosting Transfer
Rebranding Integration



engagment with free quote tool
Mobile Friendly
incorporate new logo and slogan
provide more detail about services


Going into this we knew the biggest challenge was being able to showcase the content GEC already had. The content needed to fill the page rather than having tons of free space around it. 

Additionally, the previous website was not responsive, meaning it did not change to fit each device used to view the website. GEC users had never had an optimal mobile experience. Given that mobile internet traffic makes up over half of all daily internet traffic, we knew giving GEC clients a crystal clear site visit was a top priority.


What better way to represent a crating business website, than well…boxes! A square centric design should leave the impression of sharp edges and fit right in with the images of custom crates. Utilizing a similar technique worked well with Dayton Detailing to double their monthly revenue, so we know this design style works in certain industries.

Shannon and Roy are residents of Houma, LA and they are entrenched in the community. As a family owned business, it is imperative that we shine a light on the services offered and value created. Combining this with their proven track record in their industry provides their users with the confidence needed to trust GEC to handle any of their crating needs.

As a certified crating company, they are capable of producing crates for international shipping purposes. Letting their clients know they can supply them with certified crates was a focus point for GEC and needed to be highlighted.

Seeing as how every crate is made to order we need to make sure the potential clients were aware there is no job to big or small. Their new slogan is the perfect way to draw attention to their services. Making sure the clients clearly understand what GEC offers, means they will get less calls for services they do not offer, and increase their requests for their specific clientele. A straight forward services page design with a middle of the page call to action (CTA) allows users to immediately contact GEC for their crating needs. Also, taking the opportunity to key in on the international shipping again, in the case the user came to the service pages directly instead of the homepage.

For the footer at the bottom we wanted to emphasize the new logo and make sure the visitors have all the information they need in one location. Adding easy to use click-to-call and e-mail functions will keep users capable of engaging at almost every spot on the website without seeming like they are being throw constant requests for action. Placing the social media links at the bottom of the page would entice potential crating customers to view their Facebook or LinkedIn page for additional information or reviews.


The two main requirements given by GEC were to have a contact form that users would engage with, and web based contact availability. We understand that establishing an effective website for our clients often times requires a great deal of trust in your web designer. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients with optimal designs based on their content requirements. Which we feel places us, on the cutting edge of the website design industry both now and in the future.

Competitor Research
After reviewing several industry competitors, we decided to stray from the competition’s aggressive sales site design that gave customers a gimmicky inauthentic feel. Sometimes staying inline with your industry is good, other times it can serve you better to stand out from the crowd. By focusing on their customer’s experience their engagement rates would increase significantly in comparison to their old site and in scale to their direct competitors.

Header Contact Form
The bulk of GEC clients are recurring, so it was of the utmost importance that we make sure to respect their time. By including a header contact form GEC is able to immediately serve any visitor who is looking for a quick estimate. First time users are also able to quickly move on from that form and continue without feeling like they were lead down a rabbit hole of multiple call to actions. By keeping the contact form minimal in fields, it could provide exactly what was needed to initiate a quick return call to provide the estimate.
Click to Call/E-mail
Thinking of the mobile users first, we wanted to include a secondary navigation bar fixed to the top of the page above the standard nav bar. This would allow mobile users a much better user experience (UX) and provide an simple way to include this in the user interface (UI).
Header & Footer Logo
With their new logo on the horizon, stamping it on the website will allow it to start to create their new brand identity. Since we did not intend on using it mid-page, incorporating the logo in the homepage header and footer was the right balance. Careful of sizing to make sure it is not just passed over, we can help to make the brand come alive.
Images Coordination
For a business that is involved in custom crating images are going to be a big factor in spotlighting their quality of service. Relevant, high quality images provided the baseline for the images to shine and the compliment the content. 
Social Media Integration
As any good business does, GEC is on multiple social media sites. The owners wanted to have these shown with their hashtag to start to create a bit of social media engagement from their clients and site visitors. With Facebook and LinkedIn both being similar style logos it would be important to not over style this area. Simple and clean is the theme.


It was quite a journey to get everything completed before the deadline, but who does not enjoy a bit of pressure to deliver a quality product.  As Good Earth Crates went live in September 2019, the results from a data perspective have not started to reflect yet. However, within 12 hours of the site launching, several business collegaues called and raved about the website to the owners of GEC. Requisite Designs also tagged GEC in social media and has had fantastic feedback on the design as well. We will update this case study with data points as more information becomes available.


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