Website Maintenance & Security in Franklin TN

Why does my website need maintenance and security?

Protect Your Investment and Your Data

The reality is you need maintenance and security for the same reasons you need to have your oil changed and tires checked in your car. Without routine checks, your website can be left in a vulnerable position. Websites do not coincidentally get hacked. Proper maintenance is required to stay current on the latest code versions for software used on your website. When vulnerabilities are identified by developers or the community, the vendors create patches to fix those issues. It is your responsibility to ensure your website remains up to date. You would not drive 20,000 miles on a single oil change and you should not go a month without maintenance for your website. This advice applies regardless of whether or not you use a content resource management (CRM).


Maintenance Plan Features

WordPress & Plug-in Updates

Minimum twice monthly, updates performed on WordPress and all installed plugins

Security Audit

Check for potential vulnerabilities / install and configure industry recommended plug-ins (premium feature)

Distributed Backups

Backups performed once (standard) or twice (premium) a month, and triple protection with backups stored in various locations to ensure there is not a single point of failure 


Analytics Reporting

Detailed monthly emailed reports showcasing data relevant to your website specifically (premium feature)

Our Plans

Standard Maintenance

Basic defense & recovery measures created for businesses that have static websites that don’t require frequent changes

Premium Maintenance

Advanced defense and recovery measures performed, plus additional content changes per month and reporting

What if I already have a website?

Every website requires care and attention. If you already have a website, but don’t currently have a maintenance plan we can still integrate you into a plan. First, we perform a security audit to determine any vulnerabilities. Next, we stage your website in a lab and perform the updates in a controlled environment to make sure no issues arise. Once successful, we schedule a time to perform the maintenance on your live website.

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