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Case Study: Dayton Detailing

The process started with Chris by discussing how he felt his current website, hosted on SquareSpace, was performing. As with many customers, Chris was unsure of exactly how many new customer leads were coming as a direct result of his website traffic. While, SquareSpace gives access to the Google Analytics data, they do not do a great job of explaining to the user how to use this data properly. We began discussing what his business goals were over the next year and how he felt a new website would compliment those ideas. Chris planned on offering three new services targeted at car aficionados, and wanted to make sure they were showcased in the best way possible. Long term these three services would become the core offerings of his business.  As a professional car detailer, recurring clients are a large portion of his customer base. Therefore, it was crucial to minimize losses to his current Google search engine results page positions for his key phrases.

Next, we moved onto functionality. Chris wanted to allow his customers an easy way to get in touch with him in case it was not during his typical business hours. He wanted to begin to transition from customers who thought his core offerings were similar to a local car wash, and create alignment with customers who put their car first and price second. In order to capture exactly who Chris was intending to sell to we drafted a couple of buyer personas for his new offerings. This allowed us both to hone in on what his ideal clients looked like. By understanding where these clients shop, how they talk, and what they are interested in we were able to begin to figure out how to sell to them specifically. 

Before ending we discussed six of what he considered to be his top competitors locally, regionally, and nationally. This allowed us to really get a feel for what the industry is doing as a whole. This information is how we began our strategy. The idea is to blend in with the pack, but be unique enough that you draw the clients attention.


Super happy and I’m pretty sure my business traffic is up 100% if not more. I also seem to be attracting more and more of the clientele I’m looking for. Cannot say thank you enough for your work here!

Chris Chitwood

Owner, dayton detailing


Dayton Detailing




increase sales
increase caliber of clientele
create new services pages
showcase work


The biggest challenge on the surface was going to be the complete re-targeting of his client base. Our intent was to create a design that could mesh cohesively with his existing colors and logo, so that it would not disrupt his core clients expectations. However, we also needed to create enough separation with the clients he was no longer targeting. With the addition of new services, Chris was in the middle of re-working his bundle offers for customers. One of these offers included a maintenance plan for routine clients. As anyone who has done this before is aware, product choices can become quite a headache to get settled into the right position. This meant that we needed to work around some pages, until the decisions were finalized.

The original website lacked content tremendously. Thankfully, Chris had a large assortment of images to work with. We knew we would have to buff up the copy, and pad where we could not add. Chris also requested social media links, the ability to click-to-call from the website, and click-to-email.


Cars look fantastic on websites, even more so when they are detailed this well. With the detailing theme, we decided to go with sharp edges for most of the sections. The idea was to create an aura of precision and intent. With high definition car images, bigger is better so we showcased large hi-res images of his work.

From working with Chris, we knew we HAD to capture his passion for his work on the home page. Chris really cares about his client’s vehicles, and that needed to be a major focus point. What better way to link to the about page from the home page than a short summary.

The two new services would need specialized designs to fit the large amount of copy. The remaining services could use similar designs, since the copy size was around the same.

We felt the gallery could go darker than the rest of the website, so the user could be immersed in the images.

With Dayton in the name and a local presence already established, the need for a map was gone. A simple straight forward contact page would do the trick.

To capitalize on the large header images an on-scroll navigation bar will help to create a bit of transition.

Mobile is the priority and with that we needed to make every section shine on phones and tablets. The mobile pages have to be as close to the desktop as possible, while not compromising user experience.



After a brief discussion, Chris decided to have us write the copy for two of his new services pages. This put us on a path of industry research, competitor page analysis, and SEO auditing. We had to land these two pages perfectly, so his services would rank AND convert visitors. Finding the thin line between design and SEO can be quite difficult.

Competitor Research

When reviewing the competitors Chris provided, a few stood out well beyond the rest. These became the baseline for excellence. If we could create an end user experience as provided by those websites, we felt Chris would be in a great position.

On-Page Testimonial Slider

Dayton Detailing has excellent reviews, and this needed to be shared. One of the greatest strengths of a website is the ability to conjure up trust with the client prior to ever getting on the phone. The best way to do that is with the words of a past client.

Product Brand Showcase

In order to really highlight these new services, we could not just bulk them in with the others. They really needed to jump off the page. If done correctly, we felt we could capture the attention of the clients described by his buyer personas.

Footer Contact Form

Since the goal is to target a higher end client, we have to be picky about when and where we try to create action. This lead us to move forward with a contact form in the footer, rather than in the header or mid-page.

Interactive Gallery

Car fanatics love pictures. The gallery has to be extensive to draw in the user. These clients are not the type to buy without previewing first.

Brand Inclusion

The color scheme of the original site was a darker tone, with red accent. We needed to lighten up the site with some white space to really show case certain sections, but also continue the darker theme. Determining when and where to tilt this balance was key. Utilizing the name logo and the symbol logo were important to create the full brand experience.


The site came out fantastic, solid layers of interlinks create a way forward on every page. The design has the high class feel for the ideal client, and the familiarity for the recurring clients from the original site. Within just one week the results starting pouring in from both analytics and word of mouth. Several callers gave specific praise to the website and stated that is where they came from. Multiple visitors submitted forms and only one user had ever filled out the original website form. In the weeks following, the owner stated multiple times that his business was up, but more importantly the quality of the sales. He could hear and see a difference in the clients on the other end of the phone. He has booked numerous clients for the two new services already, and more come in every week thanks to his position on Google. One month after the launch of Dayton Detailing’s new site the owner stated that in a single week he had outperformed his previous best month in total sales volume.

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