Digital Marketing in Franklin TN

What is digital marketing?

Laser focused targeting that puts your business in front of your ideal customers 

Digital marketing is here, and you need to understand why it is not going away any time soon. With a projected 3+ billion social media users worldwide by 2020, you better believe your ideal clients are included in the mix.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is hands down the most accurate form of marketing possible today. Through the use of social media platforms and search engines you can appear right in front of your potential client at the peak of the buying experience. The name comes from the fact that you only are charged ad dollars when someone actually engages with your advertisement. Gone are the days where you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in hopes that your client is watching that show, or listening to that radio station at the exact time. PPC marketing puts your business in the right place at exactly the right time.

Our Process

Client Profile Creation

Campaign Layout


Ad Optimization

Analysis & Reporting

How Does it Work?

The key to a successful PPC campaign begins with defining exactly what your ideal client looks like. We step you through a series of exercises to help you determine the specifics of what your client(s) are spending their time online on. From there we can begin to develop a strategy of how to get your business first in line when it comes time to make their next purchase. After some data has trickled in the pipe, we refine the process to maximize ad spend and create the most cost effective ad strategy possible. With the data and analytics at the helm, we breakdown exactly how much it cost to acquire new clients for your business.

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What results should you expect?

If you are looking to start generating leads for your business today, and you are ready to transition some ad dollars away from traditional platforms give us a call! We will guide you step-by-step through our PPC strategies, so you understand exactly where your ad spend goes. You will be given reports with breakdowns of the traffic and shown how to calculate the cost of a new client from the total ad spend.


Types of PPC

PPC advertising comes in many forms and new ones are added every year. Pay-per-click ads are typically broken into two categories, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM). Each platform has their own stats around audience engagement, click to purchase probabilty, and more. Currently the most popular platforms are:


Search Engine Marketing


Google holds the lion’s share for total search engine queries. With a massive 88% market share as of April 2019, you cannot ignore the fact that this is a place to be when it comes to PPC.


While Bing does hold a smaller share of the market, their buying power is surprisingly strong. Bing shines when it comes time to purchase, and your ad dollars can go further in some cases.


Video ads are incredibly effective. No one does it better than Youtube. As a household name the audience numbers are staggering and again a place you will likely find your ideal clients.


Social Media Marketing


Great for B2C or local businesses looking to increase their brand awareness. Also, a popular choice for companies that have highly photogenic products.


If you are in the B2B sales arena look no further than LinkedIn for your advertising needs. LinkedIn has grown into a full blown social media platform and is no longer a glorified resume. Businesses are flocking to move ad dollars to this platform and are seeing fantastic results from their contributions.


Excellent for any business that thrives in a visual environment. If your products look good on camera, this is your platform. Also has been good for local services such as handymen, lawn services, and various B2B services performed by entrepreneurs.


This platform has changed quite a bit over the years and as of late has grown significantly. While once heavily dominated by female users, the numbers have started to shift and more men are signing up. The numbers of users reached can be huge for brand awareness purposes and the audience engagement data is impossible to ignore.


With such a large user base Twitter is still a great platform to showcase your business. Brands have been built on the back of Twitter alone. If you business is involved in any international sales, Twitter is highly recommended since nearly 80% of their users are outside of the US.


If your ideal customers are below 30 and you are not on this platform you are leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Ads on this platform are shown directly on their screen in the midst of their typical viewing. Full-screen ads are hard to find, and SnapChat does it well.

How is digital marketing different than SEO?

Pay-Per-Click marketing accounts for roughly 41% of all search engine traffic.  This means that 4 out of every 10 of your clients are choosing a competitor online. This becomes drastically more concerning when you are not getting a share of the other 6 through search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. The fundamental difference between the two, is the length of time to see results and the cost associated. SEO is a much lengthier process, however it has lasting power. Ads are only effective when there is a sustainable ad budget. However, ads can generate results within average of 2-4 weeks run time and in many cases sooner. This means new revenue generated for your business fast. The average SEO campaign can take 6 months before seeing the benefits of the work.

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